Original Character Design/Hiro Kanzaki × Script Supervisor/Fumiaki Maruto × Director/Kenji Nagasaki Set to start airing on the Animeism block in July!

Classroom★Crisis, an original TV anime series, is about to start! Illustrator Hiro Kanzaki provided the character designs, while Kenji Nagasaki, noted for directing dramas, will take the reins as director. Not only that, but Fumiaki Maruto, so popular for his detailed character depictions, will serve as script supervisor. The “alluring characters” drawn by Hiro Kanzaki will take the stage – “the vast universe” – directed by Kenji Nagasaki, breathing life into the “school life x work life romantic comedy” created by Fumiaki Maruto!

This is a story about the woes of high school-age office workers
–the graffiti of their youth!